MGMT11109 : Introduction to Business !

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    CODE: MGMT11109

    SUBJECT: Introduction to Business

    Assessment Task 2 – Written Assessment
    The purpose of this assessment item is to assess a students’ ability to formulate an Academic Essay that demonstrates a student’s critical thinking and communication skills. Students are required to read the following peer-reviewed journal articles and be able to demonstrate critical thinking and to communicate this thinking in an appropriate communication style.
    Other graduate attributes such as problem-solving, information literacy and information technology competence, cross-cultural competence and ethical practice will be assessed at an introductory level by this assessment.
    The purpose of this assessment item is to assess the student’s ability to formulate an essay that demonstrates the student’s critical thinking and communication skills. Students are required to find, then read the following peer-reviewed journal article.
    Miller, D. & Lee. J. (2001). The people make the process: Commitment to employees, decision making, and performance. Journal of Management 27(2) 163-189. Doi:org/10.1177/014920630102700203
    Students are then asked to write a 1500-word Academic Essay answering the following topic question
    Managers are often quoted as having said: “Our people make the difference”. Do you believe that the peer-reviewed scholarly literature from 2011 to 2018 builds a business case for managers to engage employees as a way to boost business performance?
    Students are expected to demonstrate the critical thinking skills they have developed in tutorial (Zoom sessions for Distance students) to assess evidence and put forward an argument regarding the use of ethics and social responsibility in the global business environment. This assessment will develop the use of critical thinking by the student.
    Students will further demonstrate critical thinking and information literacy skills by including six peer reviewed scholarly journals to support their argument to pass this criterion in their ‘Reference List’.

    Your Academic Essay needs to be 1500-words and be referenced using the CQU American Psychological Association (APA) abridged guide Term 1 2018 Referencing Style Guide.
    Do not reference Wikipedia/Investopedia sites for this or any other assessment in this Unit. Wikipedia sites are not considered a worthy source as the authorship of this information is not clear.
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