MGMT20144 Business Case Analysis – Assessment Item 1

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    Subject Code: MGMT20144

    Subject Name: Business Case Analysis

    MGMT20144 – Assessment Item 1 – Business Case Analysis

    Introduction  (100 words)

    Introduce the topic, state the purpose of the essay and the key points (scope) to be covered.

    Case company synopsis (100 words)

    Briefly provide some background information which you deem essential and highly relevant to your analysis. [Avoid direct ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ from company websites, paraphrase using your own words and put company website as an in-text reference as per APA style]

    Body paragraphs (1300 words)

    You decide how to allocate words per question listed below, I would suggest that questions (a) and (b) are descriptive in nature, answers are expected to be concise and straightforward. Remember to incorporate definitions of key concepts in your answer. (See criteria 2 in Marking Rubric). Questions (a) to (d) require critical thinking and analysis based on your research, hence allocate more words accordingly. In-text citation is very important in this part of the essay, as it corresponds to evaluation criteria 2 and 3 (which combined account 20% of your score for this assignment) and criteria 6.

    1. How are the business and governance structures of your chosen companies different/similar, and why might this be the case?
    2. What are the environmental factors that influence your chosen companies’ performance and/or decision-making?
    3. What are the top three risks your chosen companies face and how might this influence their decision making?
    4. Make 3 suggestions regarding how the companies might improve their business practices.

    Conclusion (100 words)

    Once again, be concise. Provide a summary of your key points in the essay (avoid using same sentences). Avoid introducing new topics (e.g., recently, the company is involved in a scandal etc.), but do highlight implications on the management of the company in the future on the basis of your analysis.

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