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    Due: Refer to Instructional Plan
    Weight: 10%
    Late Assignments:
    10% reduced grade per day (Maximum of 3 days). Assignments submitted more than 3 days
    late will receive a zero. Valid alternative arrangements must be made in advance.

    The ability to identify and document concise risk statements is foundational to risk
    management. A clear statement in turn aids in performing quantitative and qualitative risk
    analysis. The risk management plan provides structure for the risk process and analysis.
    Students are provided an RBS, Heat Map and Priority Table to help with analysis. This would
    normally be in your Risk Management Plan and is contained in the assignment background

    1. Review the case and supporting information
    2. Students must use the Risk Register template provided, do not alter it, do not save as a PDF
    3. Using information from the case and best practices taught in class, you have been assigned 1
    of the 3 project solutions (Solutions 1, 2, or 3) via MS Teams channel.
    3.1. Clearly identify the project solution (i.e. Plant 1, Solution 1)
    3.2. Fill in the all the fields risk register template
    3.3. Identify 5 risks
    3.3.1. Minimum 3 risk threats
    3.3.2. Minimum 1 risk opportunity
    3.3.3. Maximum 1 operational risk (threat or opportunity)
    3.4. Show your work for all calculations
    3.5. Use the notes column to share additional insights, costs, effort, or other pertinent
    3.6. Do not leave fields blank, if not applicable, indicate N/A
    4. Check and correct spelling, grammar, and formatting before the assignment is submitted.
    Double check your calculations
    5. A title page and references are not required for this assignment

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