MGT603 Systems Thinking Assignment Help

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    Subcode — MGT603 Assignment Help

    Title — Systems Thinking Assignment Help

    File Type — Individual

    Part A: Proposal Individual 

    Part B: Critique 

    Words limit — Part A: One (1) Original Post (maximum 500 words)

    Part B: Two (2) Critiques, Each critique max. 250 words

    References — APA, at least 3 academic-related, at least 2 other

    Learning outcome — evaluate the paradigms of Systems Thinking conceptualization and its application

                                                     Part – A

    Task Instructions:

    Please review the list of case organizations on MGT603 Blackboard.

    List of case organisations 

    1. Atlassian
    2. Grill’d
    3. Event Cinemas
    4. T2 tea
    5. Strandbags

    choose ONE case organization from list.

    Read and research widely on the selected case organization

    prepare and post in the Discussion Forum at least ONE original post identifying intended or unintended consequences

    Key points to consider

    proposal should be “holistic”

    consider tools such as Rich Picture and CATWOE

    number all sections and sub-sections

    All inserted Figures and Tables require being labelled and numbered appropriately

    provide a brief rational of why use of Systems Thinking is important 

    write in the “third person”

    original posts are submitted in the MGT603 Assessment 1 (Part A) Discussion Forum

                                                      Part — B 

    Task Instructions

    Your Critique should include commentary on:

    Please identify missing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback.

    Have all plausible consequences been identified?

    Have Systems Thinking tools been used and used properly? Please provide a critique of these tools and their use in solving the identified problem.

    Please make sure to highlight the authors of the chosen posts.

    Please ensure to submit (Part B) in the related Discussion Forum

    Key points to consider

    Please feel free to post more than what is specified to broaden your understanding and appreciation of the topic.

    required to support claims either with the relevant experience or with the published literature 

    The views could be supporting comments and feedback, or they may be a

    contradiction, but you need to provide appropriate justification as specified above.

    If you can provide appropriate articles to support an opinion, it will be valued considerably.

    Provide responses, which are relevant and add value to the discussion. The quality of response will be considered as one of the most important criteria for evaluating students 


    Knowledge and understanding (technical and theoretical knowledge)

    Understands theoretical models and concepts (25%)

    Context, Audience and Purpose (25%)

    Analysis and application with synthesis of new knowledge (25%)

    Effective Communication (15%)

    Correct citation of key resources and evidence (10%)

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