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    Task Summary
    You are required to write and submit a 1500-word individual reflection about Agile ways of working and Agile teams in preparation for your group assignment. The aim of this assessment is to maximise your team performance through practical project experience with learnings you can take to your future workplace (some people in your team may annoy your now, but they are a very likely to represent the people you will work with in future – so learning these lessons now gives you a head start in the soft skills required for your career).
    You will be expected to examine and reflect upon Agile Ways of Working in your team – working towards

    Assessment 3 as a project with your team, specifically on the following conceptual areas:
    1. The Agile Mindset
    2. Psychological Safety
    3. Servant leadership
    Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

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