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    Code: MN7182

    Subject: Leadership and Strategic Management

    Assessment 2 (70%): Individual Investigative Report

    3,500 – 4,000 words (due week 14) 

    Formative submission: All students must give a one to one presentation (discussion of the draft) on their work in week 13.

    This assessment requires students to consider the role and practice of the marketing concept in a company of their choice.

    The report should demonstrate critical evaluation of marketing and the relevance of its best practice to the way the organisation functions. 

    This evaluation should make use of both secondary as well as primary data. If you decide to continue with the topic selected for assignment 1, there is a need to specify the outcome of your earlier analysis and seek primary feedback about the veracity of the results or not. The data gathering should consider all 3 dimensions of the module (marketing, communication and operations). Hence it is important that the selected organisation should offer information linked to these three dimensions.

    The student will need to evaluate the selected company from a marketing perspective and highlight the level of success or failure in implementing a marketing approach to the whole business. The approach will need to be both top-down (working from corporate aims and translating them in terms of marketing strategy and implementation) and bottom-up in terms of continuously benefiting from field information.

    The student needs to adopt a marketing planning perspective that capitalises on the resources available to the company to maximise the chances of its success. These need to take into account macro, micro and tactical dimensions.

    The report should demonstrate the benefits that the student has derived from this study and how they may help him develop into a more savvy marketer and business manager among others.

    The report should make use of theories associated with general marketing, marketing communications and operations with a view of linking these dimensions in an integrated and clear conceptualisation that informs the application steps.

    The report should demonstrate the following dimensions:

    • The identification of a clear plan, with associated steps on how the challenge will be addressed.
    • A clear background analysis of the business and its environment (macro and micro)
    • A systematic yet critical exposition of the marketing, communication and operational dimensions that may inform the selected business.
    • A clear exposition of positive and negative dimensions of the business derived from the analysis
    • A systematic analysis of the options available to the business in terms of a way forward.
    • A recommendation to the business-backed up by both secondary and primary information. The primary information may be in the form of an investigation of a selected stakeholder group such as a selected group that the company failed to attract etc
    • Provide recommendations to the business of how they could use theory e.g. model/ approach/ theories to improve their business


    Personal Learning section (500 words)

    • Towards the end of the report, you should determine how the study may have had an effect at personal and career level. At a personal level, you may identify personal attitudes such as making unwarranted assumptions or lack of flexibility in approach, recognising one’s weaknesses etc. At the career level, you may identify new skills or knowledge (such as the steps of developing your business ideas including adopting a more action research perspective) that may help you be more effective in the future particularly at a professional level. About 500 words should be dedicated to this dimension.
    • You should identify your current skill set and demonstrate how your learning on the module has enhanced your own personal learning – your report should include a 500 words summary of your learning (cognitive, emotional and behavioural). This is a separate section after the report).
    • As much as possible, support your writing with appropriate theoretical referencing and evidence of wider investigation and research.


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