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    Aim of this assessment

    The aim of this assessment is for you to take on the role of a key health worker in the community to demonstrate your knowledge of a public health issue, focusing on the risk factors that contribute to the occurrence of that issue, and the social determinants associated with the issue.

    You’ll also demonstrate your ability to communicate information effectively to a chosen population, along with providing solutions or strategies to prevent the issue.

    Assessment description

    This assessment consists of two tasks.

    1. You’ll produce a poster of a health promotion strategy which targets a community health issue, that relates to the issue you identified in Portfolio task 1 and 2. The poster should be a community targeted poster.
    2. You’ll then present your poster individually to the Online Course Facilitator (OCF) as a Viva (oral presentation) activity, in real time in an online meeting. The Viva assessment will be 10 minutes long (7 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for questions). In your presentation you will discuss the purpose of the poster, and describe the justification and data supporting the design and messages provided in the poster. Importantly, this means that your presentation is not about you just ‘reading’ your poster.

    Before you begin this assessment, read through the information below carefully.

    We also recommend that you look at Portfolio Task 1 and 2, which will help you to prepare for the assessment.

    How to complete the assessment 


    We suggest you use MS PowerPoint to create your presentation, but you can use other software if you wish, so long as it produces an uploadable file which can be opened and viewed upon clicking.

    Your assessment must have three slides. One slide for the poster, one for the Viva and one for references.

    Slide 1- This slide is your community targeted poster and must contain information regarding the health promotion strategy, this could include:

    • A slogan or campaign name that represents the strategy (this can be existing or one you have created)
    • Imagery
    • Relevant key messages

    Your poster should be eye-catching, and should be aimed at a community level. This means that the language you use should be targeted at people who may have no specialist or disciplinary knowledge.

    Slide 2- This is the slide you will use for your Viva presentation. This slide will list the key points of your presentation (a small number of dot points) which you will expand on verbally in your presentation. See below for more details about the Viva.

    Slide 3- This slide must contain your reference list for the poster and Viva.

    Make sure that you use relevant sources (such as policy) to inform your poster information, and use peer reviewed research or evidence to establish the effectiveness of your proposed health promotion strategy. References for this evidence are to be provided on the third, separate slide/page.

    The following resources might give you some ideas for your poster:

    You’ll need to upload your poster as a file to the submission link.


    The Viva is a ten minute oral presentation of your poster.

    You must present as though you are a community public health worker, communicating the purpose of the poster, and discussing the data and research that justifies your poster design and message. This should include:

    • an identification of the target population
    • the burden of disease or burden of the issue
    • relevant social determinants related to the issue
    • details about the health promotion strategy to inform, educate and empower the community to contribute to and improve health

    You will need to share your slides using the ‘share screen’ function in Zoom for your viva, so ensure you have your slides open and ready. At the conclusion of your presentation your OCF will also ask questions about your information.

    You will undertake the viva in a Zoom online meeting space, to be run in Week 6. The OCF will be the only audience – you don’t have to present in front of other students.

    You will need to upload your PowerPoint presentation to the Zoom virtual classroom during the session.

    If you have any queries, contact your OCF as early as possible or use the online assessment forum.

    Remember to refer to the Assessment 1 Assessment Rubric below, to see how the poster and viva will be marked, and what is important to include.


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