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    This is an individual assignment based on a critical analysis of a real organisational issue and includes a presentation of findings. To complete this assignment you must choose one out of the three case studies videos provided. You will base your assignment on this chosen video. If you use a different case study to the ones provided you will fail and receive 0% grade

    The assignment consists of a 3,500 word equivalent portfolio of three tasks. In order to complete this assignment, you must:

    ·         submit a report meeting the needs of Task 1,

    ·         submit a 2 slides PowerPoint presentation and a 1000 words briefing notes which meets the needs of Task 2, and

    ·         Submit the critical personal and professional element identified in Task 3.

    The submission is divided into three task as explained below and you would be assessed on ALL three tasks.

    Developing a strategy for leading in an entrepreneurial context.

    Task 1 – Choose one case study video.

    Write a short report based on your choice of ONE of THREE employer case studies. The assessment video are as follows

    You are required to choose ONE only.

    Your report must include:

    a)      A critical and strategic analysis of the challenges/issues facing the organization using ONE or more appropriate tool/s for this analysis. (10 Marks).

    b)       A critical evaluation of the leadership model/s and communication strategies of the organization and its impact on employee and organizational culture and performance.  (10 Marks)

    c)       THREE recommendations with justification, for enabling and improving the organization’s performance.  (10 Marks)

     (1,500 words, 30% of marks)

    Task 2A- Prepare a briefing note in an Ms word document file addressing the three questions below. Word count is 1000 words max.

    The questions to be covered in your briefing note are reinstated here.

    a)      A critical appraisal of the phases in entrepreneurial practice from your new business idea phase to the delivery phase.  (15% Marks)

    b)      A critical analysis of the strategies for addressing or managing risk within the new entrepreneurial business venture that you have proposed to the organization. (15% Marks)

    c)        A critical appraisal of the entrepreneurial traits and characteristics for strategic positioning of the newly proposed business venture to the organization. (10% Marks)
    (Task 2 briefing note- 1000 words, 30% of marks)      

    Task 2B– Based on your analysis in task ONE, and using the same assessment case study video in task 1

    Create a 2 slides executive summary narrated presentation with the first slide as your cover slide. This slide will have your student no, your chosen assessment video/ organisation, timing and word count. The word count for this presentation is 500 words.                                                                                                       (500 words, 15% of marks)

    The second slide will be a 3 minutes narrated Executive summary revealing the pitch of your briefing note which should address the following questions / issues.

    a)       What informed your new business Idea and its benefit to the organization

    b)       A critical appraisal of the risk associated with your proposed idea and the funding prospects for your business idea

    c)       A critical analysis of the strategies for addressing or managing risk within the new entrepreneurial business venture.

    d) A critical appraisal of the entrepreneurial traits and characteristics for strategic positioning of the new business venture

    Please note: Consider your audience to be fellow employees and managers including Board of Directors within the case study organisation; therefore, your PowerPoint presentation must be professional in layout and your narration must be clear.

    It is expected that appropriate models, relevant academic sources and good practice theory will be applied and be academically rigorous to support your work.             

    Task 3: Personal and Professional Account

    Write a reflective personal and professional account

    Create a reflective writing on any one of the professional areas from the CMI Code of Conduct and Practice, ensuring you also elaborate further on how you would apply it to your own current or future professional career.

    You can use a reflective model such as Gibbs, Kolb, Rolfe, Burton etc including any professional and systematic model

    (500 words, 15% of marks)

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