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    Subject : Write a Python Program Assignment

    Your submitted work must be “ENTIRELY” your work. Make sure you understand the academic misconduct types and process as detailed on the college website at
    If your submitted work is found to have been re-produced from any human or non-human resource, for example, the web, I will strictly be following the process in the above document.
    Write a Python program that reads the input from a text file and saves the output to another text file.
    Ensure that the code is well documented. Your name, date and purpose of the program occurs at the head and the code is commented well. Ensure that the comments are clear and grammatically correct.
    Please use try/except statement to catch errors/exceptions relating to file input/output, for example FileNotFoundError. Add a generic except to catch any error that may occur.
    I have provided you with a text file student_marks.txt, the file containing the input. The file has information about some students. This file can contain any number of lines/records. Each line/record has information regarding a student- the student number and his/her marks in assignments he/she has done during the semester. Note that the number of assignments done by a student can be 0 or more. Please note that a comma separates each piece of information. If a student has not done any assignment, then only the student number appears on the line/record.
    You are required to code a Python program that takes the input from student_marks. txt and creates an output file whose contents match the provided output file, student_results.txt. PLEASE NAME THE OUTPUT FILE AS your_name .txt, where your_name is your name. Each line/record of the output file has the student number and the total marks attained during the semester. The total marks are calculated by adding up all the assignment marks for the student. I need the sub-headings/labels Student Number and Total Marks sand the information is separated by a tab. Information of each student occurs on a separate line.

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