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    QSO 500 Business Research is a course that focuses on the principles and methods of conducting research in the field of business. The course covers the various techniques used in conducting research and analysis to support business decisions, including both quantitative and qualitative methods.

    Some of the topics covered in QSO 500 Business Research may include:

    1. Research design and methodology, including sampling and data collection methods
    2. Qualitative research methods, including case studies and interviews
    3. Quantitative research methods, including statistical analysis and surveys
    4. Data analysis techniques, including descriptive statistics and regression analysis
    5. Research ethics and responsible conduct of research
    6. Literature review and critical analysis of existing research
    7. Reporting and presenting research results, including data visualization and effective communication of findings

    Overall, QSO 500 Business Research provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to design and conduct research projects in the field of business. It equips students with the ability to use various research techniques and methods to collect and analyze data to make informed business decisions.

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