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    Develop an android utility app which analyses whether a person is living a happy life.

    Company Background

    After the success in education apps, the company wants to get into App utility space and wants to develop some of the need based utilities. There is deep function based innovation which makes these apps different from other present apps in the present market places.

    Rating your day is important, over a period of time this will emphasise how good their life is and how your daily analysis can change it if the ratings are bad consistently.

    The requirements

    The app’s objective is to make person aware that how they are spending their days. Is it a happy life or they need something to do to change that.

    The utility should do the following:

    • Rate the present day at the end of the day

    • Rating should be on the scale of happiness. Very happy, pleasant or average or dull

    • Over a period of time it should present the report of happiness scale analysis.

      • The report should display results of weekly analysis

      • A comparison of current week/month/year with previous week/month/year.

      • Display motivation phrase on a dull day.

      • Development team must carry out a research to identify other factors that could be incorporated in the app.

    • Factors for dullness or happiness & Saying thank you for happiness

    • User should be able to invite people and share the results


    • Record the change in life.

    • Record if user changed anything after a few dull days like party, worked hard, achievements etc.

    • User can include any other data they want to capture for analysis.

    • Integrate a horoscope API – user should be able to enable or disable this service.

    Should have

    1. Simple responsive UI

    2. Use minimalist modern GUI

    1. UX should be simple

    2. Must check on various mobile screens as well


    The project should be developed on java for Android.

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