Reflection on unit learnings

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    This assessment includes two parts: an assessment of a student’s participation in discussion forums throughout the unit, and an assessment of a 500 to 750 word reflection of the student’s learning experience, submitted through turnitin. Participation in discussion forums is a learning experience. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in a timely way. Like a tutorial, there is very little value in turning up for a discussion after everyone else has left the room. For this reason, extensions are not provided, or catered for in any way. Students may contribute a post after the week of the discussion, but teachers will not generally return to the forum to respond to late posts. Your reflection on your learning experience in the unit is intended to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on HOW you learned during the unit. Please note that a reflection is not intended to be a list of WHAT things you learned during the semester. It is intended to reflect your learning experience. It should focus on how you learned, rather than list what you learned. It might cover your expectations going into the unit, any difficulties you experienced, strategies you employed, and how successful those strategies were. You might comment on how you interacted with and responded to the learning experiences that comprised the unit. See the attached assessment rubric and other resources on reflections for further guidance. Note that every unit includes a reflective journal. As the eight units of the course are quite different, and your learning approach will mature and change as you move through the course, we expect your reflective journals to be unique to each unit. Do not simply rewrite your reflection.

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