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    1.0 Introduction:

    This assignment is a case study that asks you individually to prepare an application for intellectual property right to IP Australia. Please read all instructions and requirements carefully.

    2.0 Learning Outcomes:

    This assignment allows you to demonstrate progress towards achieving the following Learning Outcomes:


    Demonstrate evidence of enhanced personal knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the management of engineering entrepreneurship.

    Analyse and evaluate intellectual property requirements associated with commercial innovation.

    Critical thinking: evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment.

    Problem solving: creating solutions to authentic (real world and ill-defined) problems.

    I encourage you to review other Unit and Graduate Learning Outcomes to discover, and include, additional learning outcomes important to you personally, and which will increase the quality of your submission and end-of-trimester final results.


    3.0 Weighting:

    This IP Application represents 30% of the Unit’s grade.

    4.0 Case Study Task:

    After completing your post-graduation in Deakin University, you have planned to set up an innovative enterprise. Your enterprise is involved in providing innovative products and solution for irrigation in agriculture and mining sector. The Mining companies that are involved in extracting gold and copper face a unique challenge during heap leaching cycle. During the metal recovery the water flows through the same dripper twice in a closed cycle. Therefore, the reused water may carry solid-particles/pollutantants thereby increasing the risk of clooging. The products of your start-up provides uniform coverage and high functionality during the heap leaching cycle by ensuring self-flushing of solid particles in the filteration area thereby providing high metal recovery to the mining companies.

    To build the brand image of irrigation start-up you decide to apply to IP Australia for the registration of trademark of your company.

    Your task is to

    •Design trademark for your irrigation firm in mining sector. The trademark should have combination of image and words.

    •Explain your business and how the designed trademark represents your business.

    •Demonstrate that you are eligible for the trademark.

    •Research on various types of trademarks. Explain which type of trademark is suitable for you.

    •Describe the process of application for registration of trademark for your business (irrigation firm) to IP Australia.

    •What should you do if your application is not successful?

    Please visit IP Australia website for more information on trademark and IP rights.

    5.0 Submissionn Requirement:

    This is an individual submission. Students have to upload their Assignment Submission on Cloud Deakin under the Assignment 2 Dropbox link by

    You need to submit one .pdf file addressing all the points given in section 4.

    The Assessment Criteria Guidelines: Read these for guidance on how this assignment will be marked. Make sure that any analysis you present is your own – not simply a summary of what your sources present. Your reader, expects a report that reflects your critical analysis of the Intellectual Property issues, not a cut-and-paste literature review.

    •Word limit is 1000-1500 words
    – not including the References section. The word count is a guide to encourage you to write succinctly (this means writing in a way in which each word matters) but not at the expense of good, solid research and analysis. The aim, for all report writing, is to be brief, yet fully informative, and must contain all the information needed to understand a situation and take action.

    •File Format: The submitted file format must be .pdf.

    Format: Use a format that makes it easy for your reader to readily read and understand the information. Also, use a basic and common text font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman with at least 11 point font size for body text with single-spaced paragraphs

    Citations and referencing: As in all professional reports, the reader will look for the presence of an appropriate number of relevant citations as they reflect the range and depth of your research. Cite these correctly in-text and list them in a Reference Section using an accepted referencing style such as the Deakin Harvard or IEEE.

    •Be professional: Plagiarism and collusion are academic offences. They are forms of cheating, and severe penalties are associated with them, including cancellation of marks for a specific assignment. If you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism, cheating, or collusion then refer to the online Assessment section in the 2016 Handbook.

    Want some help? Online and in-person resources and materials are available from the Library and Deakin’s Study Support Services to assist you with assignment writing, referencing skills, and with understanding and avoiding plagiarism.

    6.0 Submission Deadline:

    7.0 Extensions:

    No extension request will be entertained. For any serious emergency issues, you need to email directly to the unit chair.

    Late Submission Penalty

    A marking penalty will be applied where the assessment task is submitted after the due date without an approved extension as follows:

    1.5% will be deducted from available marks for each day up to five days.

    2.where work is submitted more than five days after the due date, the task will not be marked and the student will receive 0% for the task.

    SEB725 | Intellectual Property and Engineering Entrepreneurship | assignment help

    This assignment includes a case study where the learner is required to prepare an application for the intellectual property rights. The word limit specified for the task is 1000 to 1500 words excluding referencing. The file must be submitted in the PDF format. The referencing must be provided from the relevant resources. The referencing style to be followed is Deakin Harvard or the IEEE.

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