SIM 336 Strategic Management Assessment Question – 2019 – University of Sunderland

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    You are required to submit an individual report of 3,000 words, which can be based on an organization or idea of your own choice. The strategic analysis must be related to a recognised aspect of business policy, strategic management or the philosophical underpinning of a particular methodology within the public or private sector strategic management domain.

    If your analysis is, of an organisation then do not submit a functional analysis; for example do not submit a strategic marketing analysis or a strategic human resource analysis. You should be applying the concepts and models from the topics that are within the module to your chosen organisation.

    The report must be written in a recognised style, i.e. table of contents, introduction, main analysis, conclusions, recommendations, references and bibliography. You must apply the Harvard system of referencing in your report. The word count must be stated on the front page of your assignment. The word count includes the introduction, main analysis, conclusions, recommendations, the word count does not include references, front page, executive summary and or abstract, contents page,

    diagrams, tables, figures and graphs; bibliography and appendices. A penalty will be applied for exceeding the word count. The penalties that will be applied for exceeding the word count can be found in Table 1.


    To analyse a business policy or strategic management topic, to carry out individual research or evaluation of an organization.


    Meet the learning outcomes listed above, identify and critically analyse fundamental issues related to strategic management. Undertake a study that shows clear evidence of synthesis and evaluation.

    Use a theoretical model to reflect upon the reality (practice) of a situation. Use theory to predict the
    outcomes of practice. Use practice to reflect upon / modify theory.

    SIM 336 Strategic Management Assessment Question-2019-University of Sunderland assignment help

    In this particular assessment the student is required to prepare an individual report which can either be based on the organization or any other idea of choice. The strategic analysis carried out in the report must be related to the organization’s recognized aspect of the business policy or strategic management or there can be a philosophical underpinning of the specialized methodology in the domain of public or private sector strategic management. The word limit of the report should be 3000 words. A recognized format for writing report is to be followed. Apply the Harvard style of referencing.

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