T/507/8097 – Uni Ex 1.1: Corporate Strategy Assignment Writing

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    1. Evaluate strategy in the global corporate context and apply different concepts and approaches; and address ethical considerations:

    1.1 Critically analyse strategic theories and models.

    1.2 Assess and determine how successful different strategies are when applied in the global marketplace.

    1.3 Evaluate how individual and organizational ethics, also global ethical issues can impact corporate strategy.

    2. Critically assess the role played byglobal supply chains in organization:

    2.1 Critically analyse supply chain methods, models and theories.

    2.2 Critically assess the role of global supply chains in organization.

    2.3 Identify the factors that can affect global supply chains and how they can impact on corporate strategy, and any mitigating actions organization can take to reduce any negative impacts.

    3. Evaluate strategies in a range of areas:

    3.1 Evaluate how corporate strategy can be applied in a range of organization functions.

    3.2 Critically assess how corporate strategy can be successfully integrated into organization.

    3.3 Discuss how different organization functions can affect the success of corporate strategy across the organization.

    4. Demonstrate a range of professional skills including critical thinking, negotiation skills, leadership and team work, and communication skills:

    4.1 Evaluate personal skills against the skill set needed to operate effectively in a global organization at strategic level.

    4.2 Understand and make use of theory, relevant techniques and practices that enables learners to develop their individual skill set.

    4.3 Provide personal examples where a range of professional skills where demonstrated.

    4.4 Communicate effectively with fellow professionals and competently present ideas and proposals.

    T/507/097 – Uni Ex 1.1- Corporate Strategy Assignment help

    This project comprises of four parts. In part 1, learner evaluates strategy in the context of global corporate and also applies the concepts, approaches and ethical considerations. In part2, the learner has to critically carry out an assessment of the role of global supply chains within the companies. Part 3 involves an evaluation of strategies in a range of areas which are mentioned in the question file. Part 4 requires the learner to demonstrate a variety of specialized skills which include critical thinking, leadership, and team work along with negotiation and also communication skills.

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