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    Assessment Description
    This assessment aims to evaluate students’ ability to interpret program specifications, produce a high-level model using pseudocode and flow charts, and transfer that model into a software application using Python 3 language. To accomplish this, students will be provided with a case study that involves calculating taxation for individuals based on their income and other relevant factors.

    Case Study:
    You are a junior software developer at a financial company. Your task is to develop a program that calculates an employee’s income based on the number of hours worked and hourly rate. The program should also calculate deductions for income tax and superannuation. You will need to create a pseudocode and flow chart to show your design process and develop a working program using Python 3 language.

    The case study involves a fictional country where individuals are taxed based on their income. The income is determined by multiplying the number of hours worked by the hourly rate. Each individual is taxed at 20%. Students must develop a program that can take in user input for hours worked and hourly rate, to calculate the income and then apply the appropriate taxes owed based on the fixed tax rate of 20%. The program must also consider any superannuation deductions, which is 10% of the income.

    For example, if an employee user, “John Smith”, enters 40 hours worked and hourly rate of $25 per hour, as shown in Table 1. Then, the total income will be $1000, of which 20% is taxed ($200) and 10% deducted for superannuation ($100), as shown in Table 2.

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