The Chinese exclusion act!

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The Chinese exclusion act!

The following study will try to provide detail information about the background and reasons associated with the Chinese Exclusion act 1882. In the 18th century, the Chinese immigrant starts to enter in the south California region of the USA for the intervention in the gold mine business (Schaefer, 2015). Due to the lack of supply of labors in the California thousands of Chinese emigrants were recruited as a labor in the gold mine at a low labor cost. Therefore, the entrepreneurs associated with the gold mine started to recruit more Chinese emigrants than the local natives of California for maximizing their profit. This situation creates dissatisfaction and anger among the local natives because the Chinese labor started wealthier than the local people. Therefore, the native people initiate different violence initiatives to influence Chinese people to leave their country such as the rock spring massacre 1885, The Seattle expulsion 1886 etc. Such incidents were a major reason behind the development of the Chinese exclusion act in 1882. In 1924 the government of creating Immigration acts to restrict the entry of the people from other regions of the world in the US. After the Immigration Act, the government of the US developed several acts such as the Immigration and Naturalization Act,
The Congress passed the Chinese exclusion act in1882 to restrict the entry of the Chinese laborers in the US for increasing the employment for the native people. This act was also passed to increase the satisfaction of the native citizens of US (Calavita, 2000). However, this act had several conflicts and dilemma with the enforcement of such legislation. The article raises several arguments against the Chinese exclusion act based on the government documents associated with such legislation such as letters, memorandums, circulars etc. Based on those documents the legislation was created for enforcing the Chinese people for leaving the region but such enforces are also created based on the different assumptions of paradoxes such as race class and identity.  There is such law that should be measured based on different factors before implementing them in the society.
As per the above article, the Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 was developed based on the discrimination of racial and nationalism. The legislation also repudiates the immigration and contribution of Chinese people in the development of the US economy for 80 years (Kil, 2012). As per the article, the legislation is developed based on the theory or pure and danger. The legislation indicates the whiteness and nation as a symbol of pure and the Chinese immigrants are indicated as a danger. This article indicates all the facts associated with the creation differentiation in the society of California based on the racialization.  
The sociology trust in unity and equality, therefore, such racial discrimination act is able to build a strong society for anyone. The government of US has to take the initiative to dissolve such legislation for protecting the human rights of the Chinese immigrants.
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