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    Introduction to the Module

    The module has been developed as a vehicle to bring together management issues, encountered in first trimester modules, with an international and comparative context.  However, while the module draws on the experience and knowledge gained from previous modules it also aims to extend your domain of knowledge and evaluative understanding through the consideration of 1) comparative analysis; 2) the interrelationship of management, planning and marketing systems with tourism policy (both good and bad); 3) the global determinants that require cross-cultural and cross-national comparative analysis and management skills; 4) international issues that affect tourism and the people who participate in this activity.

    The module is about comparative product market analysis, the importance of effective and cognitive tourism policy appropriate to the international needs of markets and all other stakeholders in tourism development.  It addresses urban and rural, developed and less developed tourism environments.  In this, the needs of strategic management, destination marketing and sustainable development are all approached by examining a range of international case studies.

    As the number of holiday/visitor destinations in the world has increased rapidly over the past ten to 15 years, so too has the sense of rivalry between them.  Advances in technology, communication and access to travel have simultaneously bought about new forms of experience and expectation from potential visitors.  These factors are of pivotal importance in determining the way destinations are now managed, marketed and perceived.

    The module is designed so that it provides theoretical baselines and frameworks; case study examples; stakeholder views; and, importantly, the chance for you to engage in an international comparative exercise yourself.

    To help you get the most from this module, you are strongly encouraged to make good use of the student-centred learning time as indicated in the module descriptor.  As a post-graduate module, it is anticipated that students will undertake a great deal of self-managed study, investigation and topic pre-preparation (reading) – as well as work towards completion of the course work assessments.  You will greatly enhance your enjoyment of, and insight into, this module if you actively participate in all the seminars, workshops and tutorials.

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