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    Research and choose an example of a current Community Development Project

    Identify (briefly describe) and analyse

    Give a brief description of the project

    • The core community development characteristics
    • The principles (aims) of the Project
    • Underlying values and skills required by the Community Workers
    • The target community/groups
    • The stakeholders
    • Education initiatives/public awareness initiatives
    • How this program is different or similar from other projects (Is it unique?)

    Analyse how this project had embodied the principles of community development.  Include the following:

    • Evidence of Social Justice and values being applied (or not) within the project eg equity, human rights, participation
    • How social theory or models of practice has been used/applied to this particular development project (or not)? Eg conflict theory, functionalism
    • How sustainable are their principles and practices?
    • The Community Workers values and skills employed and how these relate to this community development

    Evaluate the project’s success in terms of meeting the core values, underpinning theories and principles. How have principles and theories been implemented? Have they been successful?  What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the development project?  How sustainable is the project?

     In analysing the Project use the following checklist to assist you:

    (Use ONLY those that are relevant to your Project and the underlying principles and values)

    • Theories of community development which might help to explain the community development

    approach employed by the project/ initiative described in the case study.

    • Principles of social justice, equitability, inclusiveness
    • Broader social, political, historical and economic contexts
    • Stages of community development used in the project
    • Skills employed by community developers
    • Project’s effects, outcomes. Project evaluation
    • Social, ecological and economic sustainability
    • Power and empowerment (if relevant)

    NB: in essay format, however, headings can be useful and will be accepted

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