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    Assessment Description:

    Community development workers draw on values underpinning an ethos of social justice. In their
    work, workers employ a range of values, skills, insights drawn from social theories and academic
    disciplines, and models of practice. Summarise these core Community Development Characteristics –
    and then use examples in your case study ‐ to critically justify and discuss‐ how it is an example of
    Community Development core principles and practices.

    Include a critical evaluation of the community development project or initiative as theoretical content
    from sections 7‐9/10. Provide a clear academic analysis of the case study, study. Some of the topical
    points to consider include:

     Principles of social justice, equitability, inclusiveness
     Power and empowerment
     Social, ecological and economic sustainability
     Broader social, political, historical and economic contexts
     Stages of community development used in the project
     Skills employed by community developers
     Project’s effects, outcomes. Project evaluation
     Theories of community development which might help to explain the community development
    approach employed by the project/ initiative described in the case study.

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