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    For Essay 2 you need to do your own research taking the readings in the study guide as a starting point.

    A good place to begin your research is the Research help thread in the discussions on this site. Here you can ask a librarian (Marion or Lizzy/Brad) questions about the databases and library holdings that might be relevant to your topic. They will also give you tips on how to access them.

    Please choose ONE of the following topics and write a 1,500-word essay:


    Topic 1

    Critically evaluate two Jewish responses to the Holocaust examined in this course (i.e. two of Rubenstein, Fackenheim, Maybaum, or Berkovits). Which of your chosen thinkers provides the more convincing account and why so?

    Topic 2

    The religion of Judaism centres much of its belief upon the idea of the “covenant” between God and the Jewish people. Explain the basics of this idea in terms of traditional Jewish beliefs about God and the relationship that they share with Him.

    Topic 3

    What is a feminist Christology? Why do feminist Christians see the need for such an account? Is Hampson right to think that no Christology can be both compatible with feminism and able to remain within the bounds of orthodox Christian thought?

    Topic 4

    How is the concept of jihad related to the Five Pillars of Islam? In your answer be sure to discuss the greater and lesser jihad.

    Topic 5

    Compare and contrast the role and nature of suffering in two of the religious traditions that we have studied in this unit (i.e. you should consider one Dharmic religion and one Abrahamic religion).


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