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    Practical Part Brief
    QWE a small logistic company that specialises on secure delivery and requires an online system to track their fleet.
    Your task is to implement a secure on-line system. Allowable languages for the system are Python or ASP.NET (if you wish to use other languages, you must ask permission of the module team first). The prototype should maintain the following functionality:

    • Add/remove a route (as route 01, route 02 etc.)
    • Track progress of a vehicle on the route (as out of depot, on the route, out of service, on destination etc)
    • Assign/dismiss a security team to a vehicle (as van 01, van 02, team 01, team 02 etc)

    Practical Part Information
    You will be taught all of the theoretical parts during the lectures and labs on the modules. We will put on Aula resources to help with programming aspects and the DLC (https://github.coventry.ac.uk/pages/DLC/pages/) is there to help with general programming queries.

    Evidence for Practical Part

    1. Design (25%):
    a. Produce a design for the system to be implemented and explain what design and security principles have been considered and why.

    2. Development (25%):
    a. Develop and deploy a functional prototype that complies with the design provided in 1 above, including legal and ethical context of the development

    3. Security (25%):
    a. Critically evaluate the application of security techniques and propose the possible solutions for the issues discovered

    4. Formal Methods (25%):
    a. Application of formal methods, to produce the behavioural model of the system that will be based on the design or development stage of the system life-cycle.

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