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    Coursework and Mark distribution:

    Coursework 1 of 2 – Presentation (Task 1) (Core)

    Hinkley Point C (HPC) will be UK’s first-ever 3rd generation It is located on the West Somerset Coast and est Somerset Coast, it is Europe’s biggest construction project — spanning 430 acres in total. Hinkley Point C has over 22,000 people working on the project in Britain, with 922 apprentices trained to date.

    The magnitude of the project lends itself to both large and small companies of different sizes having to come together and collaborate; if the power station is to be delivered on time. For this reason, worker motivation, teamwork, organisation culture, leadership role of clients, their representative and contractors will certainly play a vital role in the delivery of HPC.

    Presentation – Task 1 (Core Pass/Fail)

    A 5-minute recorded individual presentation on the strategic analysis of a firm.

    You have been tasked with researching into effective management techniques within one of the involved companies on the project, the management are looking to undergo a change in operations in order to gain a better level of motivation and engagement from their staff.  For this reason, you must investigate and propose a strategy (essential) for increasing motivation and engagement within the organisation’s culture. The strategy should be researched either direct or through case studies, findings analysed and sound conclusions evident, including how their implementation informs business operations.

    You must address:

    • Explanation of what strategy you think is in place
    • Proposal of which alternative theories you would recommend and why

    Each student is expected to upload an individually recorded audio onto Handin, which can be embedded into the PowerPoint slides.  The overall individual presentation should last around 5 minutes.


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