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    7BSP1271 Marketing Across Cultures is a course that focuses on the challenges and opportunities of marketing products and services in a diverse global market. The course covers various aspects of marketing such as market segmentation, branding, pricing, advertising, and distribution in different cultural contexts.

    The course is designed to help students understand the complexities of marketing across different cultures and to develop effective cross-cultural marketing strategies. Students will learn about cultural differences in consumer behavior, cultural values, and beliefs, and how these factors affect marketing decisions.

    Topics covered in the course may include:

    1. Cultural dimensions: The course begins with an introduction to cultural dimensions, such as power distance, individualism, masculinity/femininity, and uncertainty avoidance, and how they influence consumer behavior and marketing decisions.
    2. Cultural analysis: Students will learn about the importance of conducting cultural analysis before developing marketing strategies, including understanding cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes, and how they impact consumer behavior.
    3. Market segmentation: The course covers the importance of market segmentation in cross-cultural marketing, including the different types of segmentation criteria used in different cultural contexts.
    4. Branding: The course explores the challenges of branding in different cultural contexts, including the importance of creating a brand that resonates with local cultural values and beliefs.
    5. Advertising and promotion: Students will learn about the importance of cultural sensitivity in advertising and promotion, including the use of local languages, images, and symbols.
    6. Pricing: The course covers the challenges of pricing in different cultural contexts, including the importance of understanding local pricing norms, economic conditions, and consumer perceptions of value.
    7. Distribution: Students will learn about the importance of adapting distribution channels to fit local market needs, including the use of different retail formats and distribution networks.

    Overall, 7BSP1271 Marketing Across Cultures provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop effective cross-cultural marketing strategies. The course is relevant to students interested in pursuing careers in international marketing, as well as those who wish to work in multinational companies or in the global business environment.

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