Assignment 3: Communication and Pricing Strategies (12%)

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    In this assignment, you will first investigate the functions of different communication elements (advertising, PR, trade shows, direct marketing, personal selling, and so on) and integrate them into the communication strategy that you will develop for your chosen firm. You will then review the nature of the competition in your chosen company’s market; from this information, you will develop a pricing strategy for your chosen firm.

    The information from this assignment forms part of the fourth section of your business marketing plan, referred to as the “Marketing Mix Strategies.”

    This assignment is divided into two parts:

     # Part I: Communication Strategy (6%)

     # Part II: Pricing Strategy (6%)

    This assignment is marked out of 100 and is worth 12 per cent of your final grade in the course.


    Write a 8 -page, double-spaced report, styled in APA format, as follows:

    Part I: Communication Strategy

     # Describe the different communication elements you will employ in your Communication strategy and discuss the reasons why you selected them.

     # Develop a detailed implementation strategy for each communication element that you selected.

     # Describe how you can integrate these communication elements effectively and how you will allocate your communication budget among these elements.

    Part II: Pricing Strategy

     # Briefly review the nature of competition in the market your chosen firm is in.

     # Develop a pricing strategy for each product line you will market.


    You must reference all ideas or findings that are not original to you. References must be provided for both paraphrasing and quoting. Paraphrasing is taking the ideas or findings of another writer or researcher and putting them into your own words. Like quotations, paraphrased ideas must be acknowledged; otherwise, you appear to be claiming that the idea is your own. Quoting is using the exact words of a writer.

    This course uses American Psychological Association (APA) citation style; the TRU Library provides excellent guides on how to write APA citations and references at

    Criteria for Evaluating Assignment 3

    Criteria Value
    Use of marketing terms and textbook concepts 30%
    Organization and completeness 20%
    Critical thinking and insight 20%
    Logical conclusions 10%
    Professional Presentation (tone, grammar, spelling, APA) 20%


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