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    BA3122 Accounting in Society is a course that explores the role of accounting in shaping social, economic, and political systems. This course is typically offered as part of a business or accounting degree program and is designed to provide students with a critical understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which accounting operates.

    The course covers various topics related to accounting in society, including the history of accounting, the social construction of accounting practices, the role of accounting in corporate governance, financial reporting, and auditing. Students will also learn about the ethical and social implications of accounting practices, including the impact on stakeholders, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

    The objective of this course is to equip students with a deep understanding of the role and impact of accounting in society. Students will learn how accounting practices are shaped by social and cultural norms and how they, in turn, shape economic and political systems. The course also aims to develop students’ critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, which are essential for success in accounting and business-related roles.

    Upon completion of this course, graduates may pursue various career opportunities in accounting and related fields, including financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, and corporate governance. They may also work in consulting, social responsibility, and sustainability roles in business or non-profit organizations.

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