BUSI3164 Market Structure And Competition Policy

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    Market Structure And Competition Policy Assignment help

    BUSI3164 is a course that covers the topics of market structure and competition policy. It explores how firms compete with each other in various market structures, such as perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly.

    The course also examines the role of competition policy in promoting efficiency, innovation, and consumer welfare. It covers topics such as antitrust laws, mergers and acquisitions, market power, and regulatory capture.

    Some of the key concepts covered in BUSI3164 include:

    1. Market structure: The characteristics of a market, such as the number of firms, the degree of product differentiation, and the barriers to entry.
    2. Perfect competition: A market structure where there are many small firms selling identical products, and no firm has market power.
    3. Monopolistic competition: A market structure where there are many firms selling differentiated products, and firms have some degree of market power.
    4. Oligopoly: A market structure where there are few large firms, and firms have significant market power.
    5. Monopoly: A market structure where there is only one firm, and the firm has complete market power.
    6. Antitrust laws: Laws that regulate competition and prevent firms from engaging in anti-competitive behavior, such as price fixing and monopolization.
    7. Mergers and acquisitions: The process of combining two or more firms into a single entity, which can have implications for market structure and competition.
    8. Market power: The ability of a firm to raise prices above the competitive level and maintain those prices over time.
    9. Regulatory capture: The phenomenon where regulatory agencies become influenced or controlled by the industries they are meant to regulate, leading to a reduction in competition.

    Overall, BUSI3164 provides students with a solid understanding of market structure and competition policy, which can be applied to a wide range of industries and markets.

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