Case Analysis – McCain frozen pizza Assignment

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Title– Case Analysis – McCain frozen pizza

File type – Group of three 

Submitted through – Moodle 

References – APA 7th 

Duedate – 4th march, 2021 

Answers to the following questions:

  1. Take the information in the case and classify the information using a SWOT analysis. Identify the company’s strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats that the company faces.
  2. Undertake some online research about McCain and Dr. Oetker and describe the company’s existing product lines.
  3. Describe the characteristics of a mature market. How does this influence marketing decisions?
  4. Use a combination of five characteristics to describe each segment (demographic, psychographic, behavior response).
  5. external environmental trends that are applicable to the frozen pizza industry? Identify and describe three trends. How can McCain capitalize on these trends? 
  6. Recognize the need to rejuvenate the brand. Why is repositioning a product difficult?
  7. Propose a marketing strategy for McCain frozen pizza including how the company should reposition its offerings and what decisions the company needs to make regarding the four P’s (product, price, distribution, and marketing communication). 


How should the company reposition its offerings?




Marketing communication


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