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    You need to submit to Moodle the following files as evidence that your robot achieved all of the goals mentioned in table 1. Without these, your submission won’t be completed.

    1. A report that includes answers to the submission requirements (2, 7, and 11) for each goal task in Table 1. The report must be converted to PDF format and submitted to Moodle. The first page of the report should include the assignment name, your name, student number, unit code, and unit name. Each goal should have a subsection in the report with the answers to the submission requirements outlined in Table 1.

    2. Your complete C code must be copied to a Word file and then converted to PDF format. This file should be submitted to the Moodle site.

    3. Create a zip file that includes all the files in your project folder, and submit it to Moodle.

    4. Record a video of your simulation and submit it to Moodle. The video must be less than 100 MB. If your simulation cannot be included in a single video file, please record multiple video files.

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