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Database Design COIT20247 – Assignment Help

Assessment item 1 To develop a conceptual data model diagram To perform logical design (optional)   Assignment Specification   In this assignment, you need to perform the following tasks for the given case study: Draw an Entity Relationship (ER) diagram Perform logical design (optional) Create 3NF Relations (optional) Please note that the above mentioned optional components, logical design and 3NF relations, will not be marked, however those tasks are expected to enrich your skills in the creation of database in future. Case Study CQParcels (CQPS) is well known for its parcel handling business in Australia.  It collects the parcels from its…


COIT20247 Database Design and Development Assignment Help

Code – COIT20247 Subject – Database Design and Development Part A. Database implementation using MS Access (30 Marks) Introduction The sample solution of assignment 1 will be released on the unit website approximately two (2) weeks after the assignment 1 due date. You must use that sample solution of assignment 1 only for the following tasks: Assessment task 1 Normalization a) Map the ERD, from the sample solution, into a set of relations in at least Third Normal Form (3NF). You must ensure that your relations meet 3NF. There is no need to show your working. b) Select any two of your…


ITC556 Database Systems, Assessment 1-6, Assignment Help

ITC556 Database Systems Assessment item 5 Query and update databases using SQL Task NOTES This assignment requires you to use SQLite to complete the tasks listed below.Student can also use SQL Workbench or another software (if they are familiar) to complete the tasks. Typing the SQL statements or the results is NOT acceptable. Instructions for using SQLite: From Resources under Main Menu in Interact 2 go to Assignment 5 Folder Copy sqlite3.exe and cmd.exe files from the Assignment 5 Folder into a folder in your machine\ Copy a5.txt from the Assignment 5 Folder into the folder in your machine where your SQLite…


CSG1207/CSI5135, Systems and Database Design Assignment Help

Assignment 1: Normalisation and E-R Modelling Background Information This assignment tests your knowledge and understanding of the two data modelling techniques we have covered in this unit – Normalisation and Entity Relationship Modelling. Both techniques aim to identify and organise a set of data in an efficient manner that minimises redundancy and establishes the structure of related groups of data. These are important first steps in constructing databases. The assignment consists of four tasks, focusing on normalisation and entity-relationship modelling. Attempt all questions, and be sure to show all relevant stages/working and state any assumptions. A small amount of marks are…


COIT11237, Database design & Implementation Assignment Help

Introduction This assignment consists of the following parts:  Part A – SQL queries  Part B – Form development activity  Part C – Report development activity Students are expected to complete all parts. Important notes:  You must use the Microsoft Access database provided for this assignment. The required database can be downloaded from the MOODLE unit website.  Regular access to a system running Microsoft Access is required for this assignment.  This assignment is an individual piece of work. Discussing the assignment with other students is encouraged; however, the document you submit for this assignment must be…


DAT536: Database Development and Design

Case Study – UniPharma The UniPharma chain of pharmacies has offered to give you a free lifetime supply of medicine if you design its database. UniPharma is a small medium enterprise (SME) in terms of company structure and has four (4) pharmacies in the Auckland region. Being an SME, they would like to keep their costs down but also to have an efficient solution to manage their back office administration. Here is some more information to help you out with the case study: # Patients are identified by a Social Security Number (SSN), and their names, addresses, and ages must be…


ICT701 Relational Database Systems Assignment

Assessment and Submission Details Marks: 40% of the Total Assessment for the Course Due Date: as per Course outline Submit your assignment to the link under Assessment->Task 2 on Blackboard. The submission link will be open a week before the due date. Please follow the submission instructions provided. The assignment will be marked out of a total of 85 marks and forms 40% of the total assessment for the course. ALL assignments will be checked for plagiarism by SafeAssign system provided by Blackboard automatically. Refer to your Course Outline or the Course Web Site for a copy of the “Student Misconduct,…


CP5633 Assignment 1- Database (Conceptual) Modelling

Rationale This assignment has been designed to assess students’ ability to model a database, by constructing an entity-relationship diagram for a particular business scenario. This assignment addresses the following learning objectives for this subject:  Develop a database model using the entity-relationship model  Apply the techniques of normalisation Requirements (Tasks) 1) You are to write a brief discussion of your solution, i.e. how you approached the modeling problem and any issues you may have encountered (maximum of ½ page) 2) You are to write all applicable business rules necessary to establish entities, relationships, optionalities, connectivities, cardinalities and constraints. If a…


SIT103 – Database and Information Retrieval

The MediRAY chain of pharmacies has decided to develop a database system to store information of their prescriptions, patients, doctors and related details . They have given the development to your company and your manager has handed over the task to you. Below are the requirements. • Patients and doctors are persons identified by the personal identification number. The person has address, email and phone number. • Patients have patient number (the hospital and the patient number used here ), and their names, addresses, and ages must be recorded. • Doctors have doctors registration number. For each doctor, the name, specialty,…


COMP2400/6240 – Relational Databases

This assignment will be marked out of 10. It will count for 10% of the nal grade. Below you will nd 3 questions to reach this score. Marks are assigned for the process of nding a solution, not only for the result. Hence, include all essential ideas and steps that are necessary to derive a solution. Instructions: • This assignment should be done by a group of two students, or individually if you prefer. COMP2400 students can only be paired with other COMP2400 students. COMP6240 students can only be paired with other COMP6240 students. You can choose a dierent group partner…

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