Cloud Platforms assignment – IAAS, PAAS, SAAS

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    IAAS is fundamental building block for self service model that is used to accessing, managing and monitoring infrastructure. It takes the remote datacenter infrastructure such as server, storage, array and networking. It builds the virtual infrastructure that’s help to created, resized and removed when it’s needed. As the electricity and other utility billing customer can buy the IAAS based consumption rather than to buy hardware outright.


    PAAS is a category of cloud computing which provides a platform that allows the customer to developed and deployed without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and deployed an app. Examples of PAAS providers are Google App Engine and Red Hat’s open shift. It reduces the complexity of high level programming. Multiple developers can work on the same program with different locally and not located nearby parties.


    SAAS is the most common cloud computing service especially for customers. It moves the task of managing software and its deployment to third party services. Examples for the SAAS are dropbox, Google App. SAAS model reduces the cost of the application because in this model the technical staff less needed. It can easily install mange and upgrade without technical staff.



    SAAS is the best service and recommend using in an organization. Because the in SAAS Application, runtime, data, middle ware, o/s, virtualizations, servers, storage and networking everything is managed by the vendor itself. Basically it benefits the end users. In SAAS user just need to logged in and start using the service. Like Gmail. But in other services PAAS it benefits the developer and application and data manage by the developer and else is managed by the vendors. In IAAS everything is managed by the developer and it only benefits the IT admin. So we can say in an organization the SAAS technique is more beneficial.

    Risk involve in SAAS:

    There are some main issues that come with SAAS model like Identity management in the cloud is immature, cloud standards are weak, less secrecy, access can v from everywhere so the risk factor is increased, we actually don’t know where our data is.



    LOCAL HOST: local host is scenario in which the server is hosted on the LAN or WAN. In this network everything is under the control of the administrator and it is highly secured method for data transmitting. This infrastructure ensures that the controls of the network are under the administrator. This is the traditional method in setting up the digital networks.

    IaaS: cloud computing means delivering the computer services over the internet. Users can access the application as utilities over the internet. Basic examples for the system is Gmail, hot mail etc. What matters is that your Digital Signage media players are able to communicate with the server. When the media players are set up, they’re required to connect to the Internet and find a way to the server by way of the server’s Internet address.


    Issues with Iaas: there are many issues with the cloud computing. Some of the main issues are reliability, availability of services and data, security, costs, legal issues, performance, complexity, migration, reversion, issues with privacy and other.

    There are two main problems with the IaaS model is administrative control. Administrator has no control on the service. Data is transmitted over the internet and stored in remote places. Many of the time administrators even don’t know about the transmitted data. Security of the data is also a big problem. In Iaas the data transmitted is also not secured. There is less privacy so encryption is necessary.



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