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    COIT20250 E-Business Prototype Website Solution and Report – Assignment 3 (Practical and Written Assessment)

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    Assessment Task

    This is your major assessment and can be done in a group of 4 members. The aim of this major assessment is to give you the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained in this unit as well as enhance your skills and experience by developing an authentic prototype website solution for a small business. Hence, this assessment gives you an excellent opportunity to learn by doing and working in a team environment.

    These days e-business websites are an integral part of any business operation for competitiveness as well as survival reasons. We have high expectations of you and therefore, as future ICT professionals, you need to be able to show your intellectual capability by creating a prototype website solution for a small business of your choice in any industry type. This is very critical, so you should use cutting edge and state of the art technologies available to carry out your required work.

    This assessment is comprised of two parts:Part-1 (20 marks): 

    You need to develop an e-business prototype website solution using any open source CMS or cloud based web development platform for a small e-business in any industry of your choice. You are encouraged to use critical thinking, innovative ideas, and your imagination to produce your e-business prototype website solution. Also you need to describe your group project reflections (500 words).

    Part-2 (30 marks): You need to write an e-business report on the proposed business of your choice (3000 words). This report should include (but not limited to) the following elements such as

    • e-business proposal/planning,
    • e-business model(s),
    • e-business marketing,
    • e-business infrastructure (such as hardware, software, resource requirements),
    • e-business payment system(s),
    • e-business legal, security, privacy and other issues, and
    • e-business benefits that will be derived from the solution.

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