COM6905 Research Methods And Professional Issues

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    COM6905 Research Methods and Professional Issues is a course that covers the fundamentals of research methods and their applications in professional contexts. The course covers topics such as:

    1. Introduction to Research: This includes the definition of research, the research process, and research ethics.
    2. Qualitative Research: This covers topics such as interviews, focus groups, case studies, and ethnography.
    3. Quantitative Research: This covers topics such as surveys, experiments, statistical analysis, and data visualization.
    4. Research Design and Methodology: This covers topics such as research questions, hypotheses, sampling techniques, and data collection methods.
    5. Professional Issues: This covers topics such as professional ethics, codes of conduct, and intellectual property rights.
    6. Literature Review: This covers topics such as the purpose of a literature review, how to conduct a literature search, and how to write a literature review.

    Overall, the course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct research in professional contexts using industry-standard tools and practices. Additionally, the course aims to help students understand the ethical and professional issues involved in conducting research and how to communicate their research findings effectively.

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