CP60019E, CP6HA19E Component Software Development

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    Component Software Development Assignment help

    Design and Implementation

    Task details
    This assignment is accompanied with a case study describing a high level system specification for an application.
    Consider the following information and attempt the tasks given.

    Repeat prescriptions may automatically be produced by the system if appropriate and are available for collection at any surgery by the patient. At any time, a practitioner may suspend or cancel the prescriptions.

    Based on the above specified information, you are required to provide an implementation and associated testing for the outlined system. You may use a suitable object-oriented programming language, such as Java, and may populate the system with appropriate data you have created for testing purposes.

    In addition, you are required to produce a report detailing a critical analysis of the system and its development. This report should critique the system using software engineering best practices as considered throughout the module.
    Documentary evidence (including diagrams, and source code) should be provided as appropriate within your report.

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