Cloud computing and its benefits !

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    Q1. You need to prepare a short report that describes Cloud Computing and its major benefits for any business organization. Your discussion should be 400-600 words length.

    Q2. ABC Payrolls is a fictitious company who has locally hosted its payroll application for their customers (mostly small businesses, sole traders and individuals). You are required to prepare a report on the benefits and challenges for ABC Payrolls to migrate to a SaaS provider. Your report must be 500-700 words length.

    Q3. ABC Payrolls might consider migrating to an IaaS service provider for their services. Thus, they have additionally requested a report on the differences between expanding current infrastructure on premise and adapting cloud infrastructure provided by an IaaS Provider. Your report needs to include the critical points, other than cost, that ABC Payrolls would need to consider in choosing to migrate services to a Cloud. Your report to ABC should be 500-700 words length.


    This assessment will cover the following objectives:

     # Be able to compare and evaluate the ability of different Cloud Computing Architectures to meet a set of given business requirements;
     # Be able to evaluate a set of business requirements to determine suitability for a Cloud Computing delivery model;
    Presently, companies have already moved from traditional hosting services including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to cloud computing platform because of the tools and services provided by the cloud computing companies. Companies can launch server instance in 5 minutes including DNS, Storage service, computing service, email and sms service and scaling service.
    One can launch his application in multiple location zones which insures 100% uptime. Autoscaling is one of the best feature of cloud computing.
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