ENGR8762 Computer Networks and Cybersecurity

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This assignment contributes 10% of your overall assessment for the topic. The grading for this assignment will be according to the University rating scheme [HD, DN, CR, P, F].
Due Date: Friday 2 November 2018 by 11pm. The assignment should be submitted as a single PDF file to the assignment space FLO.
For the following Threat Categories, describe which type of Control should be put in place in an organisation. Classify the controls as Administrative, Product or Physical, as well as whether the controls will Prevent, Detect, Correct or Compensate.
Threat Categories
• Accidental corruption of information
• Loss of intellectual property
• Software piracy
• Theft of information (hacker)
• Theft of information (employee)
• Web site defacement
• Theft of equipment
• Viruses, worms, Trojan horses
• Elevation of privilege
• Fire/Flood
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