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    Huawei’s mobile phone market industry has been badly hit by the recent changes to tariffs and trade policies revised and imposed by the United State of America in May this year, resulting in Huawei’s inability to continue its use of many American-developed mobile apps technology and patents. In your presentation, demonstrate your understanding of the Fundamentals of Marketing by discussing the following questions:

    a) How can Huawei continue to create Value for its customers, despite the current setback?

    b) Moving forward, explain how Huawei could re-strategize and strengthen its Marketing Plans to remain competitive.

    c) Recommendations: In your opinion, do you think Huawei will be able to turn its business around to overcome these new challenges? Justify your reasons.

    d) Present a strong and convincing conclusion.

    Fundamentals of Marketing –Power Point presentation assignment help

    This particular assessment task involves the case study on the mobile phone market industry of Huawei which is being badly hit due to the revised alternations in the tariffs and also trade policies. The learner has to prepare a presentation in which they have to demonstrate the understanding regarding the fundamentals of marketing.

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