Human Resource Management – Case study-Staffing Strategy for a new plant

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    Case Study: Staffing Strategy for a New Plant

    Staffing Organizations, 6th Edition, Herbert G. Heneman III, Robert L. Heneman, Timothy A. Judge, McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2009


    The head of the design team, Maria Dos Santos, and Mr. Zwitski wish to come to you, the corporate manager of staffing, to share their preliminary thinking with you and ask you some questions, knowing that staffing issues loom large for this new venture. They ask you to discuss the following questions with them, and they send them to you in advance so you can prepare for the meeting. Your task is to write out a tentative response to each question that will be the basis for your discussion at the meeting.

    You are required to answers following questions:

    1.What factors should be considered when deciding on the geographic location that might be best for the plant in terms of attracting sufficient quantity and quality of labor, especially for the key jobs? (20 Marks)

    2.Should the plant manager come from inside the current managerial ranks or be sought from the outside? (20 Marks)

    3.Should staffing be based on just the person/job match or also the person/organization match? (20 Marks)

    4.Will employee retention likely be a problem, and if so, how would this affect the viability of the new plant? (10 Marks)

    Total Marks: (70 Marks)

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    This project is based on the case study “Staffing strategy for a new plant”. The head of the design team of an organization wants to share the preliminary thinking with you, corporate manager (staffing). They ask you to discuss the questions listed in the assessment file. The learner is required to prepare the tentative response for each and every question (total 4 questions) on the basis of the discussion in the meeting.

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