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Case Study: TFW Logistics

Founded in the UK in 1989, TFW Packages started as a small delivery service that gave fast and personal courier options for the delivery of small to medium packages within a 100-mile radius of London. Operating in a very competitive industry with various national and international competitors, TFW Packages pursued a strategy with personalised pick-up and delivery options, fast-tracking the transfer of packages using a variety of transport modes and communication devices.

Taking advantage of the increase in eCommerce, TFW Packages set up franchise opportunities in various international destinations. As they expanded their operation it became necessary to focus more on supporting their franchisees. To achieve this they instigated a technology strategy to develop wearable device apps that could give accurate and up to date advice on various aspects of the journey required for each parcel. Staying true to their original policy of always putting the customer first, TFW Packages now want to develop an app through which each of the franchisees’ customers can track the exact position of their package and share that with the person to whom the package is being sent.

By incorporating Google Maps the app would allow users to be able to identify the exact position of the parcel at any one point in time whether it was stationary at a collection point or moving in transit between destinations. It is planned that the app will show an estimated delivery time with no more than a 10-minute window. The app will also enable each package sender and receiver to know the exact time of delivery and where the parcel has been left (if the delivery location is unattended). Finally, the app is planned to allow direct communication between the sender, the receiver and the TFW Packages franchisee as well as providing other useful information.

End of Case Study


Assignment Task TFW Packages has asked you to provide the following analysis and design requirements. You are free to design and include any process and design components into the app that you feel are important to TFW Packages. There are many possible answers so be aware that the key is to make your design, logic and explanations clear.

Use the accompanying report template to complete your assignment with the following outline. Refer to the Rubric attached at the end of this document for marking guidelines.

Analysis and Design Report outline    
1 Introduction        
    Create a 3 level DFD (pages 143-160 Tilley & Rosenblatt 2017) of  
    the new app that TFW Packages require:    
    · a Context diagram    
  Data Flow Diagram ·  a Level 0 Diagram including 3 areas of functionality, and  
2 · 3 Lower Level Diagrams, one for each of the areas of  
  (DFD)   functionality.    
    TFW Packages would like to understand the principle behind  
    DFDs including the advantages and disadvantages, and how you  
    have applied the DFD to modelling the new app.    
    ·  TFW Packages would like you to identify at least 2 more  
      different user types who will use the new app    
    ·  Choose one of these users and create a one-page (two page  
      at most) user persona based on the five steps in the Week 7  
      Tutorial material    
    ·  Along with the user persona TFW Packages have asked for an  
3 User Persona   explanation of your reasonings behind each persona creation  
      step for your particular user persona. For example:  
      o  Step 1 – Build Empathy, how did you (hypothetically) go  
      about building empathy with your persona?    
      o  Step 2 – Create Header, why did you choose the name  
      and what was the reasoning behind the summary quote?  
      o  Step 3 – ….. etc.    
    Imagine a TFW Packages user scenario and create a Storyboard  
    based on the Week 6 Tutorial material.    
    ·  You may like to create a User Experience Storyboard (UX) – a  
      storyboard with your user persona as the lead actor using  
      the app,    
4 User Storyboard or a    
·  Human Computer Interface Storyboard (HCI) – a storyboard  
      modelling the device displaying the sequence of interaction  
      with the app.    
    TFW Packages are not quite as interested in the graphic quality,  
    but they are very interested in the clarity, logic and flow of the  
5 Conclusion        
6 Recommendations        

Report Format

Your report should be no less than 1,500 words and it would be best to be no longer than 2,000 words.


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