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    Assessment item 3
    loT at Home
    Length: 2000 words Maximum Submission method options
    Alternative submission method
    Evaluate the potential of the Internet of Things within your own dwelling. If you already have loT systems (eg Smart TVs, Smart phones, etc), include these in your discussion.

    1. You are limited to a maximum of 2000 words (not including diagrams, tables and references), so you need to produce a report that has a well defined layout with clear and concise language. You must use headings to divide your document into appropriate sections to improve readability. (10 marks for layout and readability)
    2. Identify and discuss current devices that could be used in your dwelling (start with systems you would genuinely want, followed by systems that you could include if you need to reach the 8 to 12 device groups). You should limit the number of loT device groups to between 8 and 12 (eg a number of loT light controllers would count as one device group etc). (10 marks for loT device descriptions)
    3. Evaluate issues such as usage, control, connectivity, security, privacy. Provide potential solutions for these issues. (20 marks for issues and solutions)
    4. Include a diagram of the dwelling layout (this can be a simple sketch, do NOT spend a significant amount of time producing a perfect scale diagram of your residence. Feel free to improvise eg only use one floor of a multistory home, or add fictitious rooms if you live in a one room apartment – use something that helps you highlight the systems you will be evaluating). (5 marks)
    5. Include an appendix containing a Table of the loT devices, providing a short description of function, manufacturer and cost. (5 marks)
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