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    This assignment will give students an experience to better understand the issues taught during lecture.  This assignment is to test the student’s ability to research from a host of resources for answers to the questions posed in the assignment, and the ability to break-down and dissect, analyse and understand those materials for application in the local working environment.

    This assignment constitutes 30 percent of overall marks for CLI.

    General Instructions

    1. This Assignment is an individual assignment.
    2. You are required to prepare this assignment individually and may refer to lecture materials, textbooks, newspaper articles or the Internet. You must acknowledge the author/organization in your Final Report by way of developing a reference list. Please confine your answers to Singapore Law only. When in doubt, please approach your instructor/tutor.


    1. Each written Report should have the following type setting:
    • Arial (font size 10) or Times New Roman (font size 12)
    • One-half Line Spacing
    1. The Cover Page in your report should have the following information:
    • Your full Name according to your course registration
    • Your student ID as assigned to you
    • The Class you are in (e.g.: DICS/CLI Class 1 or DICS/CLI Class 2)
    • Date of submission
    1. Submit a hardcopy of the Report to your instructor/tutor during Week 17 (6 Feb to 10 Feb 2023).
    2. The Report should be submitted in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF format.

    Assignment Brief

    Featured article: “How SMS Phishing scams have affected OCBC customers and put text messaging security in focus”, The Straits Times, January 22, 2022.

    The accompanying pdf file on this article is attached.

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