ITNET202A – Enterprise Security major assignment

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    ITNET202A -Enterprise Security report


    Length: Minimum of 2500 words (Max of 3000 words) excluding a cover page, tables, and references.

    Purpose of this assignment:

    The purpose of this assignment is to support the following unit Learning Outcomes (LO) for this unit:

    1. Analyze and synthesize information security issues in modern organizations.

    2. Demonstrate an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with various IT environments.

    3. Demonstrate the concepts, principles, and techniques relating to the security of information.

    4. Evaluate the importance of information to organizations and society in general.

    5. Identify the ethical and legal issues associated with information security and analyze their implications.

    6. Use the Internet to locate information security services.


    Assuming that you are the Security engineer. You are working on a project to implement the cryptography and Key Management solutions for your organization (your choice) against a risk-based approach, answer the following. Select any one of the industry standards of the cryptographic Technology solutions

    Your report should address

    • The method of defining the criticality of data as you understand.

    • Your knowledge of how the criticality of the business processes or application / or information, etc. are discovered.

    • Your rationale of the selection criteria you adopted.

    • How you arrived at the short-list of two (2) relevant solutions.

    • Demonstrate your ability to furnish the relevant data to justify your rationale appropriately.

    • Demonstrate your ability to write an implementation plan that is instrumental in seeking top management’s approval.

    • Demonstrate your ability to write a report that is instrumental in seeking top management’s approval.

    • Demonstrate how you have tracked and managed a successful implementation.

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