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    M563 Adaptive Sports Global is a course that focuses on adaptive sports, which are sports designed for people with disabilities. The course examines the history and development of adaptive sports, the different types of adaptive sports available, and the benefits of participation in adaptive sports.

    Some of the key topics covered in M563 include:

    1. History and development of adaptive sports: The course explores the evolution of adaptive sports from the early days of rehabilitation for injured soldiers to the present-day global movement of inclusive sports.
    2. Types of adaptive sports: The course covers a range of adaptive sports, including wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, adaptive skiing, and para-rowing, among others.
    3. Benefits of participation in adaptive sports: The course examines the physical, psychological, and social benefits of participation in adaptive sports, including improved physical fitness, self-esteem, and social inclusion.
    4. Equipment and technology: The course discusses the specialized equipment and technology used in adaptive sports, including prosthetics, adaptive bicycles, and assistive devices.
    5. Global landscape of adaptive sports: The course explores the growth of adaptive sports globally, including the Paralympic movement and other international adaptive sports organizations.
    6. Coaching and training: The course examines the unique coaching and training strategies used in adaptive sports, including adaptations to coaching methods and physical training programs.

    Overall, M563 provides students with an understanding of the importance of adaptive sports, both as a means of improving physical health and social inclusion for people with disabilities, and as a growing global industry with opportunities for careers in coaching, training, and sports management.

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