MGT301A : Ethics and Sustainability!

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    The rapid globalization and increasing competition in the market have come up with several challenges and issues for contemporary organizations. The issues are related to an ethical, economic, commercial, social and environmental context of organizations. Hence, it becomes important for organizations to identify and addressing issues so that they do not hinder organizational productivity and growth (Mohan, 2007).  The assignment will include identification of two issues related to contemporary organizations and the ethical framework to address those issues.

    Identification of Issue 1

    Managing Work Force Diversity and Ensuring Fair Selection Process:  With the increasing globalization, employees from different ethical and cultural backgrounds work together in organizations. In this regard, the management has to ensure that all employees are treated and valued equally. Ethically and culturally diverse employees have different beliefs and practices in their work behavior. Hence, the management has to ensure that leadership in the organization should understand the cultural differences of the workforce. Employees should be treated according to their cultural or ethical beliefs and practices (Hahn, 2017). The diversity issues are also identified in the hiring and selection process of multinational organizations.  The discrimination can be made on the basis of gender, color, sex, religion, beliefs, origin and race in selection and management process. In multinational organizations, human resource management have to select from a diverse group of candidates (Clegg, 2017).

    People from different geographical and culturally diverse regions apply for the job in multinational organizations.  In some situations, HRM prefers to select candidates which belong to their own culture and origin. The HRM has to understand the importance of positive outcomes of hiring a diverse range of talented people. Selection must be made on the basis of qualifications and experience rather than culture, gender, religion or geographical location of the candidate. The discrimination on the basis of religion or culture can be made in the promotion and management process within organizations (Rhodes, 2012).

    Ethical Framework for Managing Diversity and Ensuring Fair Selection Process and Justification of Choice:

    The management should frame guidelines so that employees from different cultural backgrounds should be given fair treatment. Leadership should have understanding and knowledge of different cultures and its beliefs so that they can effectively manage a diversified workforce (Kolb, 2008). In order to ensure that no discrimination is made in the selection process, contemporary organizations need to follow a well-defined ethical framework.  The management should create a detailed description of job responsibilities and roles required for the position.  The management should also analyze the skills and expertise required for the position (Clegg, 2017). 


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