MGT4313 Strategic Entrepreneurship

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    MGT4313 Strategic Entrepreneurship is a course that focuses on the strategic aspects of entrepreneurship. The course typically covers various topics such as opportunity identification, business model development, competitive advantage, and financing strategies.

    The course starts with an introduction to entrepreneurship and the different types of entrepreneurial ventures. The course then moves on to cover key topics such as opportunity identification and assessment, including market analysis and feasibility studies. The course also covers business model development, including the development of a value proposition, revenue streams, and cost structure.

    The competitive advantage component of the course covers various strategies for gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage, including differentiation, cost leadership, and focus strategies. The course also covers various financing strategies, including bootstrapping, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

    The course also emphasizes the importance of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, and the role of strategic thinking in developing successful entrepreneurial ventures.

    Upon completion of the course, students should have a strong understanding of the strategic aspects of entrepreneurship. They should be able to identify and assess opportunities, develop effective business models, gain and maintain a competitive advantage, and implement successful financing strategies. This course can be useful for anyone who is interested in starting their own business or for those who want to develop their knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship.

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