MIS501 Principles of Programming

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    Task Summary

    Design and develop distinct programming tasks addressing the business needs raised in the requested programming tasks within the context of the provided case study, using the concepts that we have learned in Modules 1 and 2.

    Using programming skills to make informed business decisions is becoming increasing important in the current information era. The speed in which this can be achieved is also desirable in the fast‐ paced business environment. Businesses and organizations rely heavily on computer programs to better understand and analyze data. This assessment assesses your skills in designing and developing computer programs using procedural programming techniques to address business needs.

    Task Instructions
    You are now to develop a program using Python. The program must comprehensively include all the functional requirements described in the case study. The program must also satisfy the conditions discussed in the Case Study.
    There is NO minimum length to your Python codes, but you need to make sure to have enough functionality in your programs to address the business needs in the case study. Please remember:

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