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    Welcome to SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTENT MARKETING. The aim of the module is to enable you to develop knowledge and understanding of social media, consider how it might be used to development relationships with consumers, and to give you experience in creating relevant and meaningful social media content. It is designed to encourage practical application of theory, reflection on contemporary examples, and critical evaluation. To be successful, you should support your in-class learning with independent study.

    The structure of the module focuses on 4 zones of social media marketing. 1.) Social Publishing will explore the world of creative content for businesses and organisations, with a specific focus on blogging and other narrative and social/personality-driven media content (LO1). 2.) Students will learn how organisations establish and maintain Social Communities using appropriate interactive creative content practices that are published on social media pages and profiles (LO2). 3.) Social Entertainment will show student the ways in which social gaming and play, branded videos etc. can be used to enhance brand identity and online presence(LO3). 4.) The final element of this module will focus on Social Commerce, leading students to a full understanding of how content creation can be used for driving sales and encouraging engagement (LO4). Students will also reflect on and critique the ways in which social media and content marketing techniques can be used in marketing and business contexts (LO5).

    The module puts a strong emphasis on practice which enhances student employability. Students apply theory from lectures to practical assignments, which enhance their knowledge of social media marketing and content marketing strategies and approaches.

    With regard to the module assessment, all students must develop an assessment portfolio which they will be able to use to demonstrate their content creation skills to future employers. The portfolio will contain five short assessments.  Assessment 1,2,3,4 will be based on practical tasks linking to the four elements of social media marketing noted above(LO 1,2,3,4 respectively). A short reflective piece (LO5) completes the portfolio.

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