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    A marketing mix is a significant tool for creating the right marketing strategy and its implementation through effective tactics. The assessment of the roles of product/service, promotion, price, and place plays a vital part in the overall marketing approach.

    The assessment is designed to reinforce the subject content related to marketing mix and to demonstrate students’ understanding of relevant theories and concepts practised in real-world situation. This contributes to learning outcomes CLO 1-6.

    Task details:
    Discuss the marketing mix of an established (existing) brand (preferably in Australia, e.g. Kmart, Harvey Norman) and present the following:

    a) Introduction- Discuss the concept of the marketing mix and assignment task 1.
    b) Discuss the background of the industry
    c) Discuss the background of the business
    d) Discuss any of the established brands of the business concerned
    e) Discuss the product: Product, Branding, Packaging and Labelling
    f) Pricing: Pricing strategies
    g) Placement: supply channel structure/marketplace /wholesaling and retailing
    h) Promotion mix: Major communication tools used by the brand
    i) Recommendation and conclusion

    The students are required to attend the classes regularly and to follow the discussions to thoroughly understand the course materials relevant to Assignment 1 and the industry practices to complete this assessment task.

    Marking guide:
    a) Knowledge of theory
    b) Analysis and application
    c) Reflective and critical thinking
    d) Writing style
    e) Evidence of research and correct use of ‘Harvard in-text referencing style’.

    Marks and feedback with comments will be provided to students. These will be made in Turnitin. Rubrics will be provided for both the written report and the presentation providing marking criteria. This will be used to mark and provide feedback to students.

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