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    Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital
    technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to
    promote products and services.

    The assessment is designed to reinforce the subject content related to digital marketing and to demonstrate students’ understanding
    of relevant theories and concepts practised in real-world situation. This contributes to learning outcomes CLO 1-6.

    Task details:
    Discuss the various types of digital marketing initiatives of a contemporary business (preferably in Australia) and
    present the following:
    a) Introduction- Discuss the concept of Digital Marketing.
    b) Discuss the background of the industry the proposed business is in.
    c) Discuss the background of the business and product/service concerned.
    d) Online marketplace /website of the business.
    e) Email marketing of the business.
    f) SMS marketing of the business.
    g) Search engine marketing of the business
    h) Social media marketing of the business
    i) Using YouTube as a tool for market promotion of the business
    j) Online review of the business
    k) Recommendation and conclusion.


    The students are required to attend the classes regularly and to follow the discussions to thoroughly understand the course materials
    relevant to Assignment 2 and the industry practices to complete this assessment task.

    Marking guide:

    a) Knowledge of theory
    b) Analysis and application
    c) Reflective and critical thinking
    d) Writing style
    e) Evidence of research and correct use of ‘Harvard in-text referencing style’.


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