MKT570 – Integrated Marketing Communications!

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    Assessment item A1: What is IMC? – Blog Discussion

    Task: Write a Post on IMC addressing the following topics:

    In your own words, define and discuss IMC using your text and at least 4 other academic resources (i.e. academic journals etc.)

    Briefly discuss how IMC has been utilised well using 2 Australian organisations of your choice.

    Discuss how IMC plays a significant role in the overall marketing and business strategy

    Ensure you define IMC using theory and research (to support your opinion) and then discuss its application using the organisation chosen and explaining how it has worked in your own words. Your audience is your subject lecturer.

    Assessment item A2: IMC Communication

    Task:Evaluation and application of the communication model

     Evaluate an IMC campaign for an Australian organisation you either work for or one for which you would like to work.
    The report should be a critique and application of the communication model (see Chapter 5 of Belch et al, (2014) for the theoretical model).
    Based on what you have learned and observed in this subject to-date and additional scholarly research ensure you include the following:

    Briefly provide a context for your discussion regarding the importance of understanding communication in IMC and identify the organisation you have chosen.

    Illustrate and discuss the theoretical communication model outlined by Belch et al, (2014).

    Using the communication model, critically evaluate your chosen organisation’s approach to IMC. As stated earlier, you can choose your organisation, but it must be well known.

    Applying what you have learned regarding IMC and the communication model, provide your recommendations for an appropriate communication strategy for the organisation including recommendations for suitable communication mix. Make sure your recommendations cater to the contemporary needs of customers/consumers.

    Assessment item A3: Highlights and Participation

    This is an individual student assessment. Class participation is assessed by a student’s engagement in the Discussion Board facilitated by your lecturer, contributions to questions posed by the lecturer or general questions asked in the forums.
    This assessment is designed to test the student’s knowledge, skills or capabilities of the materials covered during lectures and in the forums.

    Students are to submit each week the ‘Highlights’ of one article they have read for each topic covered from weeks 3 to week 10.

    ‘Highlights’ are a short collection of bullet points that convey the core findings and provide readers with a quick textual overview of the article.

    Each ‘Highlight’ will be limited to exactly 250 words.

    The presentation format will be bullet points which describe the essence of the research (e.g. key learning/take-outs from the reading, results, conclusions and practical implications) and highlight what is distinctive about it. Other students are also invited to post their comments in the blog on a week by week basis.

    Assessment item A4: Your Original IMC Plan

    Task: Create an Original IMC plan
    Using an Australian organisation (you can use the same from A2 or a new one if you want) develop an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan that will increase its brand awareness by 20%. Your IMC plan can be implemented in a new or existing market (Australian or global market).
    You can choose an established organisation, a start-up, or your own business (however ensure you choose an Australian based business). Ensure you include a clearly defined product/service in your report. If the business is a start-up without market presence then focus on gaining initial market share through the targeting of its first customers (e.g. early adopters, beta users, influencers).
    As part of your plan you need to identify:

    Communication objectives (What are your key objectives for the campaign?)

    Segments and target market (who are your consumers/customers/clients?)

    “Creative idea” what is your message?

    Positioning Strategy

    Communication strategy Mix (i.e. advertising, sales promotion, etc.) Media Mix (digital, print, social etc.)

    Basic budget concepts (how much will your media/creative messages cost?)

    Evaluation metrics (how will you measure the success? – Brand Awareness needs to be defined through research both before and after the campaign etc.)

    Before you finalise the plan obtain feedback from the organisation you are targeting whether directly from employees, founders, owners or in the case of your own start-up an advisor or business mentor. Identify what you have learned or would change on the basis of the feedback provided. Write at least 400 words covering the feedback.
    Make sure your IMC plan is well structured with headings and is fluent and interesting to read to ensure time poor executives (CEO/Leadership Team) can understand the key components and actions.
    You can use tables, graphics, flowcharts, images, screen-shots, Videos/links and other tools to make this an interesting, concise and easily communicable report that is targeted at your CEO and Leadership team. You will score more points for creativity!
    Although there is no budget restriction on this project, you will need to propose a preliminary budget for your IMC Plan, detailing the spend for each channel – A simple table format will suffice.

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